As the birth of your baby gets closer, we will be in touch a lot, a very exciting time full of anticipation.  Once you are in labour, I will come to your home.  I'll help you feel calm, relaxed and as comfortable as you can be for as long as you need, so you can stay in your comfortable familiar surroundings.  When you're ready to go to the hospital I'll be there with you.  I help create a beautifully peaceful, calm environment with (electric) candles, aromatherapy oils diffused into the room (you will have chosen your favourite fragance/s at one of our lovely pre-baby visits), music or sounds of your choice played quietly too. I will stay by your side every step of the way, making sure you and your partner feel safe, and cared for, so you can focus solely on being able to follow your body and birth your beautiful baby. I assist with suggestions for positions for labour, supporting and encouraging your partner also to be helping and connecting with you, with massage, accupressure, and using rebozo also. I make sure you are never thirsty or hungry (you and your partner), keeping you cool with lovely face wipes/flannels, offering encouragement and affirmations, to name a few, while working alongside your medical team to ensure you and your partner feel safe, informed, calm and centred and ready to meet your beautiful baby.

Once your beautiful baby is here, you can relax now and hold your little bundle to your skin. A precious time.  This is the time for you and your partner and family to be together and enjoy this wonderful new beginning.  I will take photos on your phone/camera if you'd like me to, as they are a precious keepsake of the "birthday". Once baby is ready for his/her first feed I'll support you both, and assist with baby’s latch on the breast if this is needed (if this is what you choose to do).  I'll help get you freshened up and ready to go to your chosen place of postnatal care.  Some well earned sleep is needed for you, your partner and baby so I'll pop back to visit the next day.  I'll also visit again once you are home, staying in touch by phone also.


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