After meeting for the first time, I will keep in touch throughout your pregnancy, answering any questions, queries or catch up to chat.  We will meet two or three times during this time.  We'll discuss your "birth wish list", this is a lovely meeting where we talk all about your dreams and desires for your special day, and I am here to support you in whatever these are for you. We will discuss comfort measures, pain management, how you would like your birth environment to be, education, packing baby's and your bags for hospital, or getting your home ready if that’s where you plan to birth your baby. We discuss any concerns or questions you or your partner (or family) may have.  I am happy to come to any antenatal specialist or midwife appointments with you too. Sometimes it’s helpful for the birth team to meet before the big day and it can also be a great time to chat about birth choices and preferences with your care provider.


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