Postnatal support

Taking your baby home is a very exciting time and often a time of complete unknowns in terms of what to expect. At this time couples may feel they need extra support. During my many years as a postnatal nurse, what I found most rewarding was spending time with new parents as they got to know their baby. All parents want to do the best job of meeting their baby’s needs, and as they learn to recognise baby’s cues, and with each breastfeed (or bottle feed), each swaddle and settle, each burp, each settled time, each bath time etc confidence grows and the feeling like “we’ve got this”, really grows and a sense of calm confidence takes over. I am very lucky to have spend many years working with lactation consultants and with breastfeeding mums and it is a joy to support a new mum to learn all the different ways to feed her baby, whether it is breast or bottle feeding, and to feel confident in latching baby to the breast, or helping with expressing to bottle feed, or making up formula and feeding bub, so she feels relaxed during that special time of bonding. I would love to support your new family. As every family have their own individual needs, I will work with you to provide the individual care you and your baby and family need. I am calm and confident and as well as being a mum I have years of experience caring for and working with new families.


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