Fertility Treatment Support

During my 15 years working as a nurse at the IVF clinic in Auckland, I cared for and supported hundreds of couples during their infertility journey. I recognise how tumultuous this time can be for hopeful couples, as they embark on a myriad of tests, examinations and meetings, and experience the highs and lows of receiving results of treatments or tests. It was so important for these couples, and especially the woman, to have a caring ear and a constant confidant that they can call on during this time, for reassurance, translation of medical terms or simply to listen. I so enjoyed this time in my career, and I really saw and felt how valuable this support can be, but as a nurse in a busy clinical setting sometimes time was limited. As a doula, I am so fortunate to be able to care and support couples going through this journey, and I am not limited to time. I am dedicated to being there to support you and your partner as you navigate this very emotional roller coaster, whether it is a coffee and catch up, a relaxing walk, a visit with you to your care provider, taking you, or both of you, to treatments and staying with you while you recover, or being on the end of the phone to share your joy or disappointment at whatever stage of your treatment you are at. I would love to hear from you, and to meet you to hear your story and where you are in your journey to becoming parents.


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