When I was about 36 weeks pregnant I had a freak out moment: our closest family is an hour away (by plane), how are we going to raise a baby without local support? Do we know what we are doing? I knew about the term Doula and googled Doula’s in Sydney and was so impressed reading Janine’s wonderful recommendations that I had to contact her! She came over for coffee and we connected straight away. We were mainly looking for postnatal support and that was exactly what Janine offers as one of her packages.

Janine has been helping us for the last two months. In the end my birth was a bit more complicated than expected and it was the best decision EVER to have Janine around. She just knows exactly what we need......She is always available via text or phone, which has been amazing. She is so motivational and I find her very calming to have around. She has taught us so much in terms of looking at our baby’s cues, feeding, settling and wrapping techniques, and basically how to be good parents. She has really given us confidence in being parents.

I really underestimated the first few months after giving birth and I am so glad Janine helped me through this. Every time she came over to our place I felt instantly calm and because of her I am really enjoying and loving being a mum.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and I don’t know what I would have done without you! We can’t thank you enough and would recommend your services to everybody who is looking for support.
— Lisanne Jonkman
Janine was introduced to us us by friends, she had recently helped with the birth of their daughter. While it was baby number two for us, our first was delivered by caesarean and our preference was to do it naturally second time around. There is varying conjecture regarding the safety of natural delivery post-caesarean which resulted in some uncertainty and concern on our part. These fears disappeared after our first meeting with Janine. She listened to us, reassured us that everything would be ok and explained how she will be able to help us through the later stage of the pregnancy, birth and beyond. And in hindsight now, Janine was much more helpful and needed than we were ever able to imagine. You cannot comprehend how much you need a doula by your side until you birth your own child.

Janine was always available to talk, offer a calming word when needed and when circumstances changed and we had to move hospitals a month prior to the due date, her experience and know-how really came to the fore. This disruption caused us some anxiety, only for Janine to step in and use her contacts to help make this transition smooth and leave us feeling that we were in an even better place than before. Her support continued, culminating in her being ever-present as labour commenced and progressed.

Labour was an unknown quantity for my husband and I, given the prior caesarean and safe to say, an incredibly challenging experience. Janine however, had seen it all before, had all of the answers and her smile, calm words and knowledge contributed hugely to what was a successful natural delivery of our son. Her support didn’t end there with regular visits and contact to ensure that we were handling the postpartum well and to also have a cuddle of the little one.

First, second or tenth baby, I would not hesitate to recommend Janine’s partnership. While pregnancy and childbirth will never be easy, she certainly makes it a lot less difficult.

Thank you Janine and lots of love!!!
— Flavia, Sam, Rafeala and Leonardo
I hadn’t heard about seeing a doula until I had my baby and I felt I would need some professional support. I am so glad my friend introduced me to Janine........she was an angel in my life!!!!!

It was a Sunday afternoon when I came back home from hospital with my 4 day old baby. I couldn’t stop crying. It was a mix of feelings (happiness, excitement, fear, discouraged, lack of confidence). I was feeling emotional highs and lows. I had no idea having a baby would require a big emotional and physical adjustment.

I called a friend that had a 1 year old baby at that time and asked her what to do. She gave me Janine’s contact details. I called Janine and couldn’t stop crying on the phone, I didn’t know what was happening but I knew I needed help (my family was there but they couldn’t understand what was happening to me). Two hours later Janine was at my house. It was the best thing that could happen. I felt so much better after talking to her. I felt relief and safe. She helped me to understand all these mixed feelings. She showed me how to look after my baby, how to feed her, bath her etc, and I started feeling more confident and that I could do it :-).

She helped me so much! She knew what I was going through, I didn’t have to keep explaining to her my feelings and that I was mentally demanding.......Working together she helped me to grow my confidence and to connect with my little baby. After a few days I was feeling so much better and happier! She was always there for me, whenever I needed her.

Janine, thanks so much for all you have done!! Because of you, I have really good memories of my first days as a mummy.
— Mariana
Having Janine as a doula was the best decision we made around our birth! Being from overseas we had our first baby without family support. Being a new parent was quite overwhelming to us and Janine was my mum, my friend and my support before, during and after birth. Having her on my side gave me reassurance and confidence in a very challenging new life situation. Before the birth she helped me pack the hospital bag and we made a birth plan together. On the day I was in labour for 22 hours and ended up with a caesarean section. Janine stayed by my side for the whole time and with her warm and calm nature she was a big help to me and also my partner. After we left the hospital she came to our house and gave so many helpful tips about feeding and settling techniques. Thanks to Janine, I know what’s the most comfy positions for feeding my baby and which tricks I can use to put him to sleep. I don’t know what I would have done without Janine, I would highly recommend her services to everybody who is looking for support around birth.
— Pippa, Ross and Baby Otto
Six months in and I decided to see a doula. My husband didn’t understand why I needed to have one when I already had a good OBGYN who was looking after me. I found myself explaining not only to my husband but to a lot of people what a doula was and why it was at the top of my list.

Janine was my birth angel. Looking back to our first meeting, she was practically a stranger, but I found myself breaking down about all the things I have been carrying for six months. Not even my husband has heard it before. Yes, it took a while for me to get out of that solitary confinement I felt I was in. That’s why Janine played an instrumental role in my journey. I only had one goal - have a healthy/stable state of mind to be a good mother to my daughter when she arrives. Janine’s encouraging care and support allowed me to have that, making me physically, spiritually and mentally ready for my birth and postpartum time.

Janine was very respectful to my decisions. She never once pushed anything out of my requests. So did my birth go as planned? NO. I was scheduled for an induction due to alarmingly low amniotic fluid causing my baby to move less and less. I was worried that Janine would not be able to participate any more as I won’t have a natural induced labour, but she was there throughout from start to finish. She was with me in every wave of overwhelming pain. Calmingly putting me in another state of consciousness to get my mind off the excruciating pain. Her gentle whispers reminding me to breathe, making sure I was hydrated, nourished, comforting foot massages, the efforts of creating a zen embience with oils, candles and music and reassuring me that midwives and doctors are working on my requests. My husband is thankful for her as she was able to accentuate his involvement in the birth of our daughter. She was able to calm him down by keeping him informed about what was happening. Her presence alone reassured my clueless and stressed out husband that we are going to be okay. And she got me through until the last push because all I had to do was focus on delivering my baby. 5.03pm in the afternoon on the 14th of February, nine hours after, we marvelled at the sight of the tiny human that was crying on my chest. The skeptical midwives and doctors that questioned her presence at the beginning were in awe of her.

After all the emotions flying out in such a momentous moment, when all the midwives and doctors had gone out of the room, Janine was there to stay and give me a hand in the shower and made sure I was all set for my first night with bub.

I had a planned medicated birth. People tried to convince me that a doula might not seem necessary. I hired one to save my sanity in the midst of all the overwhelming emotions I had during my pregnancy. My husband and I are extremely grateful to have crossed paths with such a beautiful soul. We can’t thank you enough for making our birth experience a story of a lifetime.
— Hannah, Julian and Solei-Elle
Working with Janine was the single best decision we made in the pregnancy, birth and beyond journey.

From the time we made contact, nothing was too much. Janine was on hand via text, email and phone if I had any questions (despite actually being on holiday at the time). Having her there at the antenatal appointments was extremely useful especially towards the end of the pregnancy when various decisions had to be made, she provided insight, perspective and above all unconditional support.

Despite having to be induced and having a long labour, I believe Janine played a huge part in making my birth and labour experience a positive one.

Janine coached me very effectively throughout labour and birth and made me feel extremely supported, empowered and loved. She never left my side! She also provided the same support to my husband.

Janine’s support did not stop after my daughter was born. In fact I later learned that it had only just begun. Having Janine on hand for postnatal support was amazing. Having that level of experience, knowledge and care on hand when needed was just the best, especially because she had grown to know me and then my daughter so well, and neither myself or my husband have family nearby to lend a hand.

It’s very hard for me to put into words how Janine has helped me and how she can contribute to your birth and postnatal experience. What is easy to say, is that my husband and I both consider Janine to be part of our family and has become very very special to us indeed.

Worth every cent and a 1000 times more.
Thank you Janine x
— Jen, Nixon and Harper
I’m so grateful we found Janine. She gets along so naturally with each of us. Between her and my husband, I knew that the two of them would have both me and our toddler covered during the birth.

She’s so easy to get along with and has helped us in so many ways above and beyond. But most important, she had the intuition, forsight and experience to come before I asked - which proved invaluable in her catching our beautiful baby just minutes before our midwife could arrive. She has always helped me feel confident and reassured, from the twists and turns during pregnancy, intense moments of the birth, to the haze of the newborn weeks.

Thank you endlessly Janine!
— Anna and family

We met Janine through a friend, and my husband and I instantly connected with her. Having no family around, Janine gave us all the support during my pregnancy, birth and postnatal with frequent visits and calls offering assistance with anything we needed, and also words of encouragement through the most challenging times.

Janine attended some Specialist and Hospital appointments with me during the pregnancy and postnatal which was very important as she helped me to understand some very specific medical terms.

Our meetings with Janine during my pregnancy were always fun. We talked about everything from normal daily life to our birth plan and preferences, which always made me feel very relaxed and confident.

Everything was going as planned until 39 weeks when I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and I had to get induced urgently. Janine was there from the moment I was admitted to hospital, until Mia was born, and I was medicated and out of risk. She not only gave her support to me, but also to my husband who was very worried.

It is difficult to write in a few words the importance that Janine had and still has in our lives. She was without doubt one of the reasons why I had an amazing birth experience. She is now part of our family and our most beloved friend. Our family wouldn’t be the same without her.

If you or your partner want to have a wonderful birth experience we highly recommend Janine as your doula.
— Anderson, Danielle and Mia

My husband and I met Janine at our birthing course and instantly connected with her calm, positive and caring nature. By the end of the course we knew we wanted Janine to be part of our journey, not only in pregnancy and birth, but parenthood.

Janine attended several appointments with me during the pregnancy and decoded the hospital lingo and encouraged me along the way when I was convinced Kaian would never come out. Janine was a critical part of our care and support team as my husband had just broken his arm.

During labour Janine was calm, supporting and positive......everything we needed, and more. She held my hand as I pushed, wiped my forehead in the bath and cut the cord of our baby boy once he was born. We truly believe that Janine made our birthing experience what it was, and as beautiful as it was. Janine has since come around to visit us just because, and we look forward to building our relationship well into the future with her.

We didn’t really know what a doula was going into the birthing course, but cannot recommend doulas, and more importantly Janine, more.
— Matt, Karthi and Kaian

Janine was the perfect doula for us. My husband and I are so glad we had her support and care with our first baby. I could trust her professional experience, broad knowledge and understanding, to give us guidance and sense of assurance. She was truly helpful with all my questions and worries, and was actively supporting me in hospital and at home. It has made all the difference in my first labour and birth, to make it a smooth and stress-free experience.
— Sarah Jung

I always wanted to be a mother, but I was always scared of giving birth. So for me, an elective caesarean was the way I would move quickly from the terrifying thing that was being in labor. And that was the theory in my mind until I feel the first kick and everything changes: your baby is the priority, and a natural birth would probably give her a better experience on coming to this world. So when I was 35 weeks pregnant I met Janine, and she was everything that we needed to support us through the now known as the happiest day of our lives. We couldn’t ask for someone better, an experienced nurse, mother of 3, a doula that held my hands during contractions, gave my husband the comforting eye contact reassuring everything was fine and gave my daughter the chance to learn how to latch correctly to enjoy breastfeeding. For any type of labor you wish to have, we highly recommend Janine as your doula, your friend and your extended family.
— Marcela, Matheus and Isabela

Me and my husband were so glad that we had Janine as our doula, she is awesome and helped me to achieve my perfect birth even though it didn’t go as planned. I love how she supported and helped me to make my decisions. She was always available and ready to answer all the questions and doubts I had. I really think that the positive birth experience that we had this time was due to her emotional support.
— Twinkle Salaria